Hamilton County’s Designated Qualifying Office Location

Per Rule 1S-2.0001 (2)(b) Each supervisor of elections and other qualifying officer shall designate one or more specific official physical locations that will serve as a qualifying office and publish the address of each office on the qualifying officer’s website.


Hamilton County
Qualifying Office Location:

 Supervisor of Elections Office
1153 US Hwy. 41 NW – Suite 1
Courthouse Annex
Jasper, Florida  32052


Rule 1S-2.0001 (2)(a) Timely filing is of the essence in qualifying as a candidate. In order to be deemed timely filed with the qualifying office, qualifying items must actually be present at the qualifying office’s official physical location by the close of the qualifying period. Candidates are advised that the U.S. Postal Service does not deliver all mail directly to the elections office and the U.S. Postal Service’s designated hours for mail pick-up by the elections office do not correspond to the qualifying deadline. While delivery of qualifying items to a qualifying office may occur by any means, to ensure that the items are timely submitted, it is advisable for candidates or someone on their behalf to hand-deliver directly to the Hamilton County Elections or use a delivery service that timely delivers directly to the qualifying office.