Voting at the Polls


At your polling place, you will be asked to show photo and signature identification. Your Driver's License is ideal since it contains your photo and signature. If you do not have proper identification, you will be given a provisional ballot to vote. If you make a mistake on your ballot, take it to a poll worker and you will be given a new ballot. You are entitled up to three ballots


How to Mark Your Ballot Correctly



  • Use only the marking device provided in the voting booth.
  • If you make a mistake, don't hesitate to ask for a new ballot. If you erase or make other marks, your vote may not count.
  • To vote for a candidate whose name is not printed on the ballot, fill in the oval and write the candidates name on the blank line provided for such a write-in candidate.



Correct way to mark ballot:

You must completely fill in the oval for your vote to count. Any other mark may not be read by the scanner.

  You must write in the name AND fill in the
  oval next to the name, for the write-in vote
  to count:

   Also, the write-in candidate must be
   a QUALIFIED candidate.

Do NOT use a check mark.

Do NOT mark the oval with an X.

Do NOT circle the oval


The DS-200 Precinct Counter

The Model DS-200 Precinct Counter is the optical scan voting machine used in Hamilton County to count ballots at the precincts.

Voting Terminology


When you make a mistake on your ballot, this is considered a Spoiled Ballot and you may ask for a replacement. You may receive up to two replacements or a total of three ballots.


An Overvote is when you vote for more than the number of candidates allowed in a race. If a race is overvoted, the Model DS-200 Counter will return the ballot to the voter. The voter must then return the spoiled ballot to the clerk and receive a new ballot.


An Undervote is when you do not vote in a particular race. That race will not be counted. The Model DS-200 Counter will not return the ballot to the voter unless the entire ballot is blank.