Poll Worker


1. Be a U.S. Citizen and registered (18 years of age) /(pre-registered 16 years of age) to vote      in Hamilton County.

2. Be able to speak, read and write the English language.

3. Not be a candidate or an immediate family member of a candidate.

4. Have transportation to the polling place and poll worker school.

5. Attend required poll worker training.

6. Be able to physically work from before 6:00 a.m. and until after polls close at 7:00 p.m.        (Approx 13.5 to 14 hrs)

7. Complete a poll worker (election worker) application.


1. Administer the election process fairly and according to the law.

2. Open, set-up and close the polls.

3. Ensure voters are permitted to vote.

4. Give assistance when requested by the voter.

5. Attend Poll Worker School for training. (Required by law)

What positions are available?

  • Clerk(Not for first time poll workers) Person responsible for the management of the precinct.  Oversees each position at the polling place and responsible for all paper work.  Picks up and drops off secure supplies. 
  • Assistant Clerk:  Helps process paperwork, and takes over in the absence of the Clerk.
  • DS200 Tabulator Tech:  Operates the ballot scanning equipment.
  • EVID Inspector: Verifies voter’s registration with the Electronic Voter Identification Unit
  • Ballot Distributor: Distributes assigned ballot to voter.
  • Deputy: Greets all voters, and maintains order outside the polls.

If appointed, where would I work?

The Supervisor of Elections attempts to appoint workers to their home precinct. However, to meet the needs of the election, you may be appointed to a polling place other than your own.

Is being a Poll Worker a Volunteer position?

No, poll workers are paid for their services.  The rate of pay per election day depends on the position held ranging from $120-$135.

How to become a Poll Worker?

Complete the poll worker application, after completion you will become part of our pool of prospective poll workers. 

Your name will remain active until you request that it be removed.  Not all poll workers work every election.  The number of poll workers for each election is determined by the size of the election and the expected turnout. 

Poll workers are chosen to work a specific election by their availability, willingness to travel, and the number of workers needed.  The need of poll workers will vary for each individual elections.

Have I been selected?

If a position is available, you will be contacted by someone from the Elections office.  You will receive a letter from the Supervisor of your assignment along with the date, time and location of classes to attend.


We want you to work the polls